Renderlight Renderer


Under Construction




Latest Version v0.15a4 downloads in the Forum


Current Features



* Camera model with full lens simulation supporting spherical and planar lens. Lens are specify in a tabular format (wide angle, double gauss, fisheye and telephoto lens included)


* Thin len camera model


* Camera shift

* Depth of Field

* Dispersion (Sellmeier formula or user specify spectrum (Ohara, Schott and Sumita glass catlog included)


* Instances

* Physical based sky model

* Polarization

* Rendering can be stop and resume

* Spectral colour

* Texture map

* Unbiased progressive rendering


* Anisotropic metal

* Dielectric (can act as polarizer filter, glossy has been disable for this release)

* Matte (texture mappable)

* Plastic (texture mappable)


* Diffuse Transmitter (texture mappable )


* Approx 600 material measurements (nk file,  Ohara, Schott and Sumita glass catlog) included


* Bilinear patch (texture mappable, can act as area light source)

* Box

* Cylinder

* Rotational Sweep

* Sphere (texture mappable, can act as area light source)

* Sphere Sweep

* Super spheroid (texture mappable)

* Super toroid (texture mappable)

* Torus (texture mappable)

* Translational Sweep

* Triangle mesh (texture mappable, can act as area light source)


* Blender


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